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(03) 9531 1542

On your way home or heading out to meet mates?  Give us a call and we'll have your burgers ready to pick up from STKBB on your way through 


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—  burgers—

Our beef patties are hand pressed, grass fed, 100% certified Angus, Gippsland Vic
*$2 from every Dine with Heart burger sold in May will be donated to Sacred Heart Mission to raise funds for their Dine with Heart fundraiser

Dine with Heart Burger.jpg

Dine with heart*

Beef, Egmont cheese, pickles, fried onions, chunky house ketchup


This is the Grosvenor


Beef, bacon, shed sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles

The Plugger

The Plugger

Double beef, bacon, cheese, hash brown, Melbourne Hot Sauce mayo

Uncle George Burger

uncle george

Beef, bacon, egg, pineapple, cheese, lettuce, beetroot relish, onion, mustard

Cheeseburger Resized.jpg


Beef, double cheese, pickles, house ketchup

Mr Fun Guy Burger

mr fun guy (v)

Roasted portobello mushroom, rocket, Gruyere cheese, herb mayo

Burger 2100 x 1400.png

kon kahn

Beef, chilli con carne croquette, Monterey Jack chilli cheddar, jalapeno aioli




Beef, wasabi peas, cream cheese, lettuce, pickled ginger and cucumber

Burger 2100 x 1400.png


Crumbed chicken, pir piri mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato

Burger 2100 x 1400.png

vegan victoria

Beeroot bun, pickled and roasted mushrooms, Oliana cheese, lettuce, tomato

Kids Cheeseburger

kids cheeseburger

Beef, cheese, ketchup

Kids Chicken Burger

kids crumbed chicken

Cheese, lettuce, mayo


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—  sides —

STKBB Battered Chips

battered chips


+ creamy cheese    $2.5
+ candied bacon     $3.5

Crunchy Onion Rings

crunchy onion rings

house ketchup

Popcorn Chicken

popcorn chicken

spicy BBQ sauce

Sweet Corn Croquettes


sweet corn, jalapeno aili

Grain Salad


black quinoa, charred corn, sweet potato, turtle beans, creamy fetta, jalapeno vinaigrette


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