Reverse Review 2016


October 2016 | Smudge Eats

On Saturday, 22 October, four of Melbourne's hottest chefs will unite at St Kilda Burger Bar for the Reverse Review, a blockbuster event that sees the normal critiquing process turned on its head.

Watched by hungry members of the public, four social media influencers will each have the chance to put together their own dream burger, to be judged by a panel of culinary elites, including Paul Tyas, Scott Pickett, Shane Delia and James Kummrow.

Each contestant will be adjudicated on the taste, presentation and ingredient selection of their creation.

After tasting, each chef will select an influencer to review on their own Instagram page as well as making comments at the event itself, with one of the four crowned the official champion.

After the action, enjoy a sample of each burger so you can cast your vote for the people’s choice award. Boatrocker will also be on hand to quench your thirst with a few of its delicious brews.

Photography: Simon Shiff

Photography: Simon Shiff


October 2016 | Broadsheet Melbourne

Bloggers aren't afraid to tell chefs what they really think. This weekend, though, the tables will turn. Four of Melbourne's best chefs are invited to critique the culinary skills of four bloggers.

St Kilda Burger Bar's Reverse Review will see burger bloggers HulkSmashFoodShafty EatsBurger Fix Melbourne and Chompamatic go head-to-head in a burger cook-off. They can create any type of burger they want.

Chefs Paul Tyas (Grosvenor Hotel), Scott Pickett (ESPEstelle BistroSaint Crispin and Pickett's Deli and Rotisserie), Shane Delia (MahaBiggie Smalls) and James Kummrow (Fatto Bar & Cantina) form the judging panel. They will assess the burgers on taste, presentation and creativity.

Guests can try each burger and a Boatrocker beer before casting their vote for the People's Choice Award.

The winning burger will feature on St Kilda Burger Bar's menu until New Year's Day.

Twenty St Kilda Burger Bar vouchers are up for grabs for social-media followers.

From 11am–2pm.

STKBB | Cheeseburger


September 17 2016 | Gram Magazine

By Megan Osborne

If you’re feeling seedy this Sunday–or simply feeling you need a seedy bun–lucky for you it’s National Cheeseburger Day! Australian’s all let us rejoice for we’ll eat all the cheese. For real. Here’s where you can get your cheesiness on, with some of Melbourne’s best burgers!

Bayside burger babes can hit up STKBB at the Grosvenor, or even venture into the burger-friendly pub for a Sunday session. Your 100% grass-fed beef patty will arrive with a sexy double cheese topping, pickles and house ketchup. Cheers to that!

Check out the full article here.

STKBB | Delicious


July 2016 | Delicious

St Kilda Burger Bar, Melbourne

“The signature Grosvenor at the drive-through St Kilda Burger Bar gets my vote for this year’s best. It’s satisfyingly old school, but made from excellent meat with a lovely char crust, smoky streaky bacon, crisp lettuce, cold tomato all on a good bun. Yup, it’s the one.” – Dan Stock, Victoria contributor

STKBB | Grosvenor Burger - Australia's Best Burger


June 22 2016 | Urban Walkabout

By Katie Gwynne-Hannagan

You may not have realised, but June 19-25 actually marks a very important week in the foodie calendar. It’s Australian Bacon Week. Celebrating everything 100% Aussie bacon, the week also helps to highlight the competition local bacon faces from the imported stuff (72% of ham and bacon is imported and that’s not cool).

Montrose Meats and Smokehouse butcher Rob Earney took out the award for “best full rasher bacon” for the third year running, and according to The Weekly Times, his bacon was described by the judges as having, “excellent texture, good lean-to-fat ratio and the perfect amount of smokiness”.

It’s the perfect time to support Victorian farmers by indulging in some of Melbourne’s finest bacon bits, so on that note, we thought we’d round up some of the city’s top bacon burgers. Because burgers rule, and everything tastes better with bacon.

The Grosvenor - STKBB

New kids on the block STKBB (St Kilda Burger Bar) are earning quite the reputation as the go-to, late night burger destination around town. The Grosvenor, with streaky bacon and "shed sauce" is up there with one of the best second dinners in the south. Go and get one.

10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda

Check out the full article here.

STKBB | Voted Melbourne's best new burger joint

'not over the grill'

November 17 2015 | Herald Sun Taste

By Dan Stock & Megan Miller

We've been surfing the burger wave for years, but we still can't get enough of meat in a bun done well.  Sure, there's an element of jumping-on-the-bandwagon me-tooism behind some of the plethora of new burger joints that have opened over the past year, but it's mostly a matter of the bar being raised.  Competition is fierce, which means the burgers now served from Craigieburn to Cranbourne and Willy to Wandin are better than they've ever been.  Here are the 10 best new places to get your next fix.

1. The Grosvenor at STKBB
It's all about the meat - good, quality, grass fed, expertly aged - at Rabih Yanni's Grosvenor Hotel and that's no exception at his new drive-through burger bar that's attached to the Hotel's Bottle Shop.

Here five burgers created by head chef Paul Tyas are cooked to order - you don't even have to get out of the car - but it's the signature Grosvenor that has us coming back for more.  Grassfed Gippsland Angus is minced  and hand pressed into rustically rough patties that are completely delicious, all charry good outside, juicy goodness inside.  The patty sits - and perfectly fits - on a toasted Bakery Lievito bun joining cold tomato, crisp lettuce, cheese, pickles and excellent smoky, streaky bacon.  with old-school burger styles but made with new-school sensibilities, this is the new benchmark burger in town.

On the Side: A sweet potato cake is a good take on the classic, while battered chips give good salty crunch.

To Wash it Down: An ice-cold can of Mountain Goat beer is just $5 - or head into the bottle shop for a bottle of wine to go and up the lux.

One More Thing: Leave room for the Turkish delight ice-cream sandwich that's exotically delish.

Sunday Style Banner


August 16 2015 | Sunday Style

By Megan Miller

Start your engines and drive this way.  Melbourne's newest burger joint is a drive-through...and it's in a shed.  Don't hold that against it, though.  The Grosvenor Hotel has transformed takeaway tucker, its new St Kilda Burger Bar (STKBB) offering quality buns cooked to order without having to leave your car.  Enter via the bottle shop for buns on the run and some delish desserts that belie their shed status.

There are five burgers; one portobello-packed Mr Fun Guy for vegetarians adn the rest housing hand-pressed patties of grass-fed Gippsland Angus beef.  The most popular is The Grosvenor ($14), about 200 of which sell in the pub each week.  It's filled with beef, bacon, pickles, cheese, lettuce, tomato and head chef Paul Tyas's secret (and very good) "shed sauce", involving his grandma's green tomato chutney.  It has all you want from a burger from first bit to last: beef and bacon smoky and sizzling from the grill and a wheelly good, not-too-dense Lievito bun that provides decent scaffolding.

Named after former St Kilda footy big man Tony Lockett, The Plugger ($15) is a gorge of double beef, bacon, cheese and a hash brown.  Real blokes don't need salad.  I'm not sure about the Gatwick Roadhouse burger, though, which references St Kilda's notorious Gatwick Private Hotel, the site of numerous murders and stabbings.  A less ill-famed landmark might be in better taste.

The Grosvenor Chiko Roll ($6) was forgettable, more an oily spring roll filled with cheesy bechamel, poached chicken and vegetables that just doesn't work.  You're better off leaving room for a dessert-to-go made in-house by pastry chef Daniel James.  The Saint's Halo ($4) is a where-have-you-been-all-my-life? revelation, a frozen Wagon Wheel-esque chocolate biscuit topped with marshmallow and raspberry jam, while the peanut butter and jelly ice-cream sandwich ($6) is another easy win.

To get the true drive-through experience, it's recommended you call ahead to place your order (an app with a payment facility is in the works, too), but you can also 'sit in' on a cushioned beer keg.  

Proving fast food needn't be junk, STKBB is worth the drive-by.

At a glance - Sunday Style

STKBB | Takeaway Burger Bar, STKBB, launches their range of takeaway burgers available in the drive through of Grosvenor Hotel

'The Grosvenor Unveils its New Drive Through Burger Bar'

July 30 2015 | Where to Tonight

Many of you already know about the gem where Brighton Rd meets Chapel Street known as Grosvenor Hotel. It is a beautiful place that perfectly matches bistro, a relaxed pub atmosphere, and was recently crowned the 2015 Where To Tonight Top Footy Spot. But as of mid June Grosvenor Hotel has given us a new attraction, a standalone burger bar tucked next to the drive through Grosvenor Grocery & Bottle Shop known as St Kilda Burger Bar.

With the interior of Grosvenor Hotel it should be no surprise that the masterminds behind this project have displayed real ingenuity with a unique space. The takeaway burger bar fits seamlessly into the existing drive through grocery and bottle shop meaning next time you need to stock up, you can fill up yourself at the same time.

Of course it couldn’t boast a name like St Kilda Burger Bar without having an array of mouth-watering burger options, as well as deserts and hot dogs to choose from. The best part it’s fully licensed so you can wash down your delicious burger with a Mountain Goat IPA or Kelly Brothers Cider.

The launch party was a huge success with a strong crowd braving the cold night and even attracting some big names including but not limited to George Calombaris, and Alan Didak. All the food was demolished with gusto and we’re sure many of those faces will be heading back again soon. No matter how cold it was outside everyone had a great night if you haven’t got down there yet don’t be the last to discover it.

STKBB is open seven days a week till late, so give it a try tonight.

STKBB | Grosvenor Hotel launches takeaway food joint St Kilda Burger Bar.  Pictures


July 21 2015 | The Great Aussie Bite

By Christina Wylie

So you know those evenings when you’re tired, fed up, maybe it’s raining – etc., you get the gist – and there’s no way you’re not going to grab a bottle of red or a six-pack on the way home from work? Well that’s what the Grosvenor drive-through has been thus far. But now you can add an excellent burger to the mix, too.

The idea behind STKBB is that you can grab a reasonably priced burger for dinner on your way home without having to resort to the likes of you know who. Because although we want our dinner to be convenient and affordable, we don’t want to sacrifice on quality – yes, we want it all!

These bad boys are worlds apart from your standard takeaway burger fare (think Gruyere cheese, portobello mushrooms and red onion jam). Oh, and don’t forget to check out the desserts – the ice cream sandwich with peanut butter and jelly comes particularly recommended.

STKBB | Service with a smile at takeaway Burger Bar, STKBB
STKBB |Rabih Yanni joined by good friend and industry colleague George Calombaris and soccer stars James Troisi, Kosta Barbarouses and  Jesse Makarounas       
STKBB | Friends and family gathered to launch STKBB, where you can pick up burgers to take home without the lengthy wait
STKBB | Tasty takeaway burgers in the heart of St Kilda
STKBB | Stephen Quartermain and Candice Wyatt from Network Ten joined the festivities
STKBB | Guests flocked to try the best burgers south of the Yarra

'St Kilda Burger Bar Launch'

July 6 2015 | Gram Magazine

Convenience and quality are the focus of Saint Kilda's newest takeaway attraction - the Saint Kilda Burger Bar (STKBB), which opened on June 15 in the Grosvenor Hotel drive-through.  The first of its kind to be situated in a pub drive through in melbourne, the STKBB will serve a range of burgers, including a vegetarian option (Mr Fun Guy) and a junior burger, all served on Lievito milk buns and priced from $12-$15.  Their signature burger - The Grosvenor - was created by Head Chef Paul Tyas, and features his grandma's ketchup recipe and a secret white sauce.

STKBB | Takeaway burgers in St Kilda


July 17 2015 | The AU Review

By Katelyn Rew

It was a pretty miserable Tuesday night in terms of weather as I ran down Brighton Rd on my way to St Kilda’s Grosvenor hotel. A new drive through burger bar had opened as part of the venue and I was excited to see what all the hype was about!

Putting our umbrellas away and shaking ourselves dry, we walked towards a roped off area in the corner of the drive through, where gas heaters were conveniently placed warming up the crowd. We made our way to the bar whereMountain Goat steam ale ($5) and Kelly Brothers apple cider ($5) were free flowing, and for the non drinkers a variety ofDaylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. ($3.80) beverages were available. A DJ was on hand to spin some tunes, and the atmosphere became more elated as the crowd grew larger. Kids ran around excitedly playing as they ate handfuls of chips, and the adults chatted excitedly amongst themselves diverting their conversation as a bevy of celebrities arrived. The whose who of the Melbourne food scene was there, which made it apparent that the word was out, this little burger bar was going to be the new ‘it’ place in town.

As more people arrived, so did the food. A selection of burgers were brought around on platters held by extremely friendly waitstaff. The Gatwick Roadhouse ($12) was a crowd favourite consisting of beef, beetroot and red onion jam, pineapple, cheese, ketchup and mayo. The meat was juicy, fresh, and hand pressed, with the pineapple giving it that beautiful sweet kick. The Mr Fun Guy ($10) was my personal favourite consisting of roasted portobello mushroom, rocket, gruyere cheese and herb mayo. The bun was the star element of the burger. It was soft, fluffy and literally melted in your mouth, the perfect accompaniment to the succulent ingredients inside. For the spice fans in the group the STKBB Spicy ($12), didn’t fail to impress. Filled with beef, house ketchup, jalapeños, double cheese and pickles, I’d recommend having a Mountain Goat steam ale on hand to wash this baby down.

The night continued and everyone had their fair share of burgers. Just when I thought I couldn’t stomach another, the waiter gave me that knowing look and I just couldn’t help myself. They were the perfect bite sized burgers that you could literally just keep eating! I am a massive sweet tooth, so when the deserts came out, I was genuinely excited! Saint’s Halo’s ($4) were brought around by the esteemed chef himself Paul Tyas. This decadent chocolate biscuit encased raspberry jam and marshmallow, and was the perfect after dinner delight. If that wasn’t enough, delicious peanut butter and jelly ice-cream sandwiches ($6) were also brought around. I’m literally drooling just thinking about them! Both deserts were a really unique take on classic recipes, and it was refreshing to see an innovative menu as opposed to the bland menus we often see at other burger bars.

As the night came to an end and we said our goodbyes, we were delighted to receive a goodie bag of gifts to take home with us. Cider, beer and a bottle of the Grosvenor Hotels famous hot sauce were included in our new found treasure, a great surprise to end a perfect evening. Its rare to find a drive through service of quality, however the St Kilda Burger Bar is just that. Their burgers are literally dripping with flavour, and the passion that they put into their craft is evident in the great effort they went to in order to ensure a fantastic opening night. If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to drive through and enjoy a delicious burger for yourself, rain, hail, or shine!


'St Kilda Buger Bar'

July 15 2015 | Beat Magazine

By Anna Whitelaw

Over at St Kilda Burger bar they've just released a secret off-menu burger available for the rest of July.  It's a truffle burger to celebrate truffle season and it's divine.  Chow down on a pain de mie bun, with truffle aioli, Gippsland grass fed beef patty, fried egg, shaved black truffle and whipped brillat savarin.  It's $25 with hand cut pomme frites.  The St Kilda Burger Bar is located at 10 Brighton Road, St Kilda East, entry via bottle shopt drive-through.

STKBB | Rabih Yanni shares his best burgers in Melbourne


July 2 2015 |

By Wendy Hargreaves

Melbourne's mega crush on the humble hamburger shows no sign of waning, with new fancy-pants burger joints popping up all over town.  But the city's latest addition to the burger scene takes fast food into hyperdrive, serving luxe burgers from Grosvenor Hotel's drive-through bottle-shop in St Kilda.  It's still a bottlo, so you can pick up some local craft beers to wash down your burger, but you can also get some tasty sides and desserts through your car window while the motor's running.

Grosvenor publican and self-confessed burger addict Rabih Yanni spent years researching Melbourne's best burger joints before launching the St Kilda Burger Bar.  Rabih has high expectations for quality beef, having enjoyed Australia's best cuts as the former owner of Albert Park's top-end steak joint The Point.

So now that Rabih has built his own perfect burger, is it time to stop his search for Melbourne's best pattie/bun/filling combo?  Not on your life.  Rabih loves hunting fro the ultimate burger, and these are his top five places to find them in Melbourne.


144 Bridport St, Albert Park, 9690 2126

The epitome of old-school, traditional flavour. Burgers grilled by Andrew and built by his mother subsequent to the lettuce and tomatoes that have been carefully cleaned and sliced by his old man. This place substituted many staff meals when I was at The Point as I’d often sneak out between shifts and grab one.


273 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North

Burgers are great here, but the milkshakes stand out too. Flavours of sweets like Fantales and Redskins remind me of my childhood. (Please note: Tuck Shop Take Away is closed for winter holidays until July 14)


288 Smith St, Collingwood, 8415 0700

The burger is all about meat and cheese. There is one beef burger on the Rockwell and Sons menu and it’s a double patty with bacon and cheese. They don’t waste time adding lettuce, tomato or anything of the sort.

4. 8 BIT

8 Droop St, Footscray, 9687 8838

The burger sauce was so good. The milkshakes and fries were also delicious with some interesting flavours. The place has a fun, trendy diner feel about it.


Locations across Victoria, 9426 1200

Grill’d cook a mean burger in the Mighty Melbourne. The flavor of grass-fed beef really comes through and the pickles are spot on.

Just Open - St Kilda Burger Bar


June 15 2015 | The Age

By Hilary McNevin

Quality burgers from the comfort of your car? Drive this way. The Grosvenor Hotel's St Kilda Burger Bar (STKBB) opens Monday, June 15, joining the hotel's drive-through Grosvenor Grocery and Bottle Shop selling bespoke produce and plonk.

The former shed in the car park of the Brighton Road pub has been transformed for takeaway tucker, although there are some cushioned beer kegs outside the shed.

The burgers are made from the trimmings of Gippsland grass-fed beef that head chef Paul Tyas uses on the hotel's bistro menu.

he Grosvenor burger is filled with beef, bacon, pickles, cheese and lettuce – around 200 are sold every week in the bar.

The Plugger is a binge of double beef, bacon, cheese and a hash brown.

Vegetarians have a roasted portobello mushroom option, and for the little people in the back seat there are kid-size burgers.

Desserts-to-go by pastry chef Dan Grieff include a peanut butter and jelly ice-cream sandwich.

Honk if you're hungry from Sunday to Thursday, 3pm-11pm, and Friday and Saturday, 3pm-midnight.

STKBB Roller Door.jpg


June 9 2015 | Herald Sun

By Dan Stock

Since taking over the Grosvenor Hotel late last year, publican Rabih Yanni has been busy making changes to the iconic pub - a keen focus on aged meat with excellent wines to match in the bistro, for instance - keenly welcomed by southside locals.

His latest addition to the hotel, a drive through burger bar, completes the picture.  With burgers created by head chef Paul Tyas, the range - including the signature beef and bacon-laden Grosvenor - will be cooked to order all without leaving the car.

Along with a range of other fried fun, including a Grosvenor Chiko Roll and Mountain Goat beers to go, the St Kilda Burger Bar is set to sate our seemingly insatiable appetite for grilled meat in a bun - now on the run.

St Kilda Burger Bar opens June 15 and then daily from 3pm at 10 Brighton Road, St Kilda East.  For more and to order online:


June 8 2015 | The Weekly Review

By Luke Henriques-Gomes

Forget picking up a sixer or a bottle of chardy next time you duck through the bottle-o; one St Kilda pub is taking the drive-through experience to the next level.

The St Kilda Burger Bar (STKBB) will operate out of the pub drive-through at Brighton Road’s Grosvenor Hotel. According to promoters, it will be the first of its kind in Melbourne to do so.

Among the mouthwatering, meaty options on the menu are “The Plugger”, with double beef, bacon, sriracha mayonnaise and a hash brown, and the hotel’s signature, “The Grosvenor”. The brainchild of head chef Paul Tyas, it features beef, bacon, cheese, lettuce, his grandma’s ketchup recipe and a secret white sauce. The vegetarian option, “Mr Fun Guy”, boasts roasted portobello mushroom and gruyere cheese.

Though the emphasis is on quality, with all burgers utilising grass-fed Angus beef, Lievito milk buns, and priced between $12-$15, there’s a distinct truck stop vibe elsewhere on the menu – think “Grosvenor” Chiko rolls, kransky hot dogs and sweet potato cakes.

The new addition to the Grosevnor, the SKBB follows a raft of changes made by publican Rabih Yanni since he took over the venue in late 2014.

“We will make your burger to order, giving you a burger that’s fresh and hot without a lengthy wait,” says Rabih, who is confident the new venture will be a hit. “We all appreciate convenience, combine this with quality and punters will vote with their feet.”

The new burger bar is set to open on June 15.


June 4 2015 | The AU Review

By Serena Ho

Melbourne has a new burger haven and it might not be exactly what punters had in mind. The launch of the St Kilda Burger Bar (STKBB) at the Grosvenor Hotel on 15th June 2015 will see this city experiencing its first ever pub drive-through burger joint.

Situated alongside the Grosvenor Hotel’s flourishing pub, as well as the Grosvenor Grocery and Bottle Shop drive-through, the STKBB is set to be a hit with those longing for fast, quality food. According to Rabih Yanni, who took over the Grosvenor Hotel in late 2014, “We will make your burger to order, giving you a burger that’s fresh and hot without a lengthy wait”.

Grosvenor Hotel’s head chef, Paul Tyas, is committed to sourcing, ageing and preparing premium cuts of beef. This translates perfectly across to his venture into the STKBB, with burgers made of 100% certified grass-fed Angus beef and served on Lievito milk buns.

There is a range of options including combo deals and junior burgers for the kids. If you’re indecisive, then STKBB’s signature burger ‘The Grosvenor’ is a good place to start, with layers of streaky bacon, grandma’s ketchup and a secret white sauce. Those after more of a kick simply can’t go past the ‘The Plugger’, featuring double beef, bacon, sriracha mayonnaise and a hash brown. Vegetarians won’t be left hungry either as the ‘Mr Fun Guy’ oozes flavour with a hearty roasted Portobello mushroom and gruyere cheese.

With a range of craft beers available and desserts including ‘Saint’s Halo’ – a marshmallow, raspberry jam and chocolate biscuit delight – STKBB is set to be a burger joint like no other. By all means, drop in for the good vibes at this iconic St Kilda establishment. However, if getting out of your PJ’s is too much of a hassle, then there’s nothing better than driving through for the sole purpose of grabbing a delicious burger to eat in the comfort of your own home.

Bingo it's time for burgers


April 7 2015 | The Herald Sun

By Dan Stock

No, this man is not a dentist; he's just hiding his face because he's not quite ready to announce the launch of the St Kilda Burger Bar at the Grosvenor Hotel (pssst, it's happening in May). But, we can tell you that a sneak peek taste test of the burgers will be served on Monday at the hotel's Bingo and Burger night.  The signature burger - The Grosvenor - created by head chef Paul Tyas will be on the menu, as will the full range of burgers that will be available once the grill is firing and the drive-through is up and running next month.  For now, the first 25 diners on Monday will get a STKBB trucker cap and stubby holder to keep them going.

Food on the move


February 2 2015 | The Herald Sun

By Dan Stock

Burgers, booze, bread a basics - get the lot at The Grosvenor. Since taking over the St Kilda East pub in August, veteran restaurateur Rabih Yanni (pictured), formerly of The Point, been busy re-imagining the place. He's transformed the pub's bottle shop into a drive-through general food store. Opening next week, Grosvenor Groceries and Liquor will be a one-stop shop for everything from Elgaar Farm milk, Baker D. Chirico bread and 7 Apples gelato to toiletries, nappies and pet food as well as ready-to-go meals prepared by head chef Paul Tyas and beef cuts aged in house. And stay tuned for the St Kilda Burger Bar, also part of the food store, due to flip its first grass-fed Angus patty on Australia Day weekend. Five burgers will be on offer, including a vego one and the popular Grosvenor burger. They'll cost $12-$15. "We all appreciate convenience," Yanni says.

Food on the move


December 16 2014 | The Age

By Hilary McNevin & Roslyn Grundy

Restaurateur-turned-publican Rabih Yanni, who took over St Kilda's Grosvenor Hotel four months ago, is opening a burger bar on the hotel site.  The St Kilda Burger Bar will be strictly takeaway, with an app that lets customers order from the car park. STKBB flips its first patty on Australia Day weekend.


To order

(03) 9531 1542

Call us and we'll have your takeaway burgers ready to pick up when you arrive



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